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Your delicate camcorder tapes (and home movie film) can now be copied on handy DVD, at reasonable cost!


Video tapes can become unplayable through no fault of their owner. If they stretch or shrink just a little, or if the glue binder gets sticky or disintegrates, or if they get a crease, crumple, break or scratch, or if they are accidentally erased by a strong magnet, they may no longer be watchable. Under the best conditions, a video tape might last for many years if well stored, but only live for a few minutes if it is “eaten” by a misadjusted or abused VCR!


A recordable DVD may not last forever, but it is not harmed by playing it hundreds or thousands of times. It is read by a laser beam, and nothing in the player touches the recorded surface to cause wear. The quality is far better than that of a VHS copy of your tapes or films. In case the DVD degrades with age, save your master tapes to make another DVD.


Formerly, recording a DVD was a complex, slow and expensive process requiring hours of “slaving over a hot computer.” With the latest equipment, we can now make a custom DVD-R or +R for just $19.95 (1 hour) or $24.95 (2 hours) with additional DVD+R or DVD-R copies from the DVD-R priced at $7.95. (Let us know if your player prefers one variety over the other. Recording slower than the 2 hour speed is not recommended.)

 Basic DVD:  We can copy your single tape of up to 1 hour to a DVD-R or DVD+R for $19.95, or 2 hours for $24.95.


 Combination DVD: If you have multiple tapes, we can copy them to DVD-R or DVD+R in sequence for $24.95 for the first two tapes, plus $5 per additional tape after the first two. Maximum total is 2 hours.


 Additional DVD+R or DVD-R clones of the master DVD are priced at $7.95.


We record automatic chapter marks at three or five minute intervals through the DVD, to assist you in finding a particular part quickly.


Duplicating anything bearing a USA copyright or performance right is illegal unless written permission is obtained from the rights holder.


 Tapes that we can copy to disk include Mini-DV, Digital-8, Hi-8, Video-8, VHS, S-VHS, SVHS ET, VHS-C, and SVHS-C. If you have another format please bring in your player. Kindly number the tapes clearly so we know what order to copy them in. DVDs from Mini-DV and Digital8 are by direct digital hookup via IEEE1394 FireWire I-link connection. We can copy a CD from audio tape here.


 DVD-/+R means Digital Video/Versatile Disk, Recordable. Most modern and future DVD players will accept these, just like the mass produced stamped-out DVDs. Some older or bargain priced players may balk at playing them. If you are not sure, we can loan you a sample DVD-R disk for you to try. If it will play the sample, it ought to play your disk also.


 Tape Copies? We can make regular VHS copies from your DVD for distribution to family members who are not fully up to date, at $14.95 for up to one hour each, or $19.95 for two hours each. We do not have a high speed mass duplication capability, thus no quantity discount.


 Ordering By Mail? Please print out and fill in the labels for shipping your tape to us, and for returning your finished order to you. Enclose the return shipping labels in the package with your instructions.


 The order form is here. If you like, we can ship the originals and the DVD separately and/or on different days to guard against total shipping loss, for an extra shipping charge. Please fill in two return labels if we are sending separately by mail.


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Rights Notice: Material on film, tape, disc or otherwise may be subject to stated or implied Copyright or Performance Right, or the right to privacy, etc. Unauthorized duplication may be a violation that is civil or criminal in nature. Services offered by Film to DVD should not be construed as inviting criminal activity. The user should ascertain if duplication might violate any rights, and obtain a written release from each affected party. Consult your attorney about any specific instance.


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